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The Premier Business Fraternity | Iota Chi Chapter


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The Iota Chi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi was established at Illinois State on December 13, 1980. With 41 years of experience on campus and over 1400 initiates, we take pride in our chapter's growing legacy of professional leadership and engagement.

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We are home to 70+ active members and over 1400 initiates along with esteemed alumni that can attest to the magnitude of our tightly-woven brotherhood. With a diverse collection of individuals, we have cultivated an environment where every brother's voice is heard. 



Through an immersive professional experience, our brothers have gone to become leaders within their communities and workplaces. As a result of their ambition and the tools that we have equipped them with, our brothers have held competitive internships and full-time positions.



Greetings brothers and friends,

It is my honor and privilege, to serve as the President of the Iota Chi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. Service to the community, pride in our unity and brotherhood, fundraising for the betterment of our chapter and community, and professional excellence are the cornerstones of what makes the Iota Chi chapter a leader and pillar in the ISU community. We pride ourselves on shaping the future leaders of business and civic. Our four pillars: Community Service, Fundraising, Professionalism, and Social, shape our members into well-rounded leaders. From learning the joy of philanthropy with our annual fundraiser, date night. From professional workshops with executives to the simple joy of building brotherhood by spending quality time with each other.

With 50+ Active members, 1400+ ISU alumnae, and 300,000 members initiated nationally, our connections stretch far and wide into various industries. Your tie to Delta Sigma Pi extends beyond your college years, it's for life.

If you are a business, economics, or Agribusiness major I implore you to explore our website and social media platforms, learn more by speaking to any member wearing letters, and attend our rush events. Advance your professional skills, grow your leadership capabilities, and join us here at the Iota Chi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi.

- Joe Jangulo

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